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Election result India 2014: Top ten Bjp leading states

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BJP Workers celebration on election 2014 victory           Delhi: BJP made big victory in Delhi. It swept all the parties even Aam Admi Party which had get huge public support in assembly election 2013. Public denied Aam Admi party and given chance to BJP.

           Rajasthan: In direction of Chief Minister Mrs. Vasundhara Raje Scindia BJP won all the 25 seats.

Gujarat: The home state of Narendra Modi. BJP wins here all 26 seats.

         Jharkhand: BJP won 12 seats out of 14.

      Uttrakhand: Bjp wins here all of 5 seats. Bjp got public response in election 2014. In 2013 state has to face natural crisis and that time Modi had offered help to state. Gujarat government tried it’s best to get out Gujarati people from there. It was major impact of Modi on Uttrakhand citizens.

      Madhya Pradesh: BJP won 27 seats of the total 29.

      Goa: Bjp won all the seats.

      Himachal Pradesh: BJP made clean sweep here by wining all the seats.

      Utter Pradesh: In terms of Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh is the largest state of the country. The way to  Delhi passes through Utter Pradesh. No-one can thin that BJP can won 73 seats out of 80. But it became  possible by Modi wave.

      Maharashtra: NDA alliance grabbed 43 of 48 seats. 


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